Violation of Probation

Violation of Probation

Violation of Probation

A person who is sentenced to probation must follow the terms or conditions of that probation that were set by the court. Those conditions could include reporting to a probation officer every week, abstaining from drugs of alcohol, paying any fines or restitution, committing further crimes, traveling outside of the state or not appearing for a scheduled court date. Typically, a probation period will run from one to three years, but it can last longer.

If that person breaks the terms of that probation, there could be serious consequences, including jail time, or the completion of a pervious prison term. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what happens after a violation of probation; probation officers normally have broad authority. For example, if a person misses an appointment with a probation officer, it could be due to circumstances beyond that person’s control. The probation officer might just issue a warning and have the meeting rescheduled. If, however, the violation was serious, an arrest warrant could be issued.

You have legal rights such as getting a written notice of a violation, the right to have an attorney to represent you and a hearing before a judge.
If you have violated your probation, that probation violation can follow you for years. Don’t wait and hope it will go away. You will be caught eventually, and the longer you wait the worse it will be.

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