Breaking up a family is never easy. You need to know exactly what alimony is, how to file for it, and understanding what is alimony.
In Florida alimony (money) can fall under several provisions. Bridge-the-gap alimony is money given to a spouse to ‘bridge the gap’ between the financial support that person had when married and what will be needed to get that person back to the point; the point where he or she can pay their expenses without assistance. There is temporary alimony or ‘pendente lite’ which is alimony given while a divorce is pending. This alimony ends when the divorce is final.

There is also rehabilitative alimony used for the purpose of the recipient to get an education or training for employment. Durational alimony is normally set by the duration of the marriage. If the marriage was five years, the alimony after the divorce will be for five years. Permanent alimony is just that, permanent. There must be a good compelling reason for a judge to grant this, and is must be proven that other forms of alimony won’t work.

Alimony is different than child support and in Florida alimony can be a complex matter.

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