Boat Accidents

Boat Accidents

Boat Accidents

Boating is popular in Florida. Florida leads the nation when it comes to boats; in 2017 there were 944,162 registered in the state according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

With so many boats on the waterways, boating accidents are inevitable. Florida has one of the highest rates of boating accidents in the country. In 2017 there were 766 boating accidents reported. Of those, 61 were classified as fatal resulting in 67 deaths. Of those 766 accidents, 437 reported an injury; this results in a rate of injury of 46 injuries per 100,000 registered vessels.

The leading cause of boating accidents in 2017 was the operators’ inattention and lack of lookout, which came to 24 percent. The leading type of fatal accidents was drowning by falls overboard.

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