Daytona Beach, FL, Organizer of George Floyd Protest Believes He was Targeted by a Hit-and-Run Driver

We’ve watched protests unfold in cities all across the U.S. involving people taking a stand against police brutality and demanding police reform. These protests, which have slowly begun to die down, have allowed individuals the opportunity to express their rights and stand up for what they believe in. They are legal and permitted. Unfortunately, not everyone might agree with the cause.

WESH 2 recently reported on an incident involving a Daytona Beach, FL protest organizer who believes he was targeted by a driver who injured him with her vehicle and kept on driving. Rell Black, the protest organizer who is part of the Community Healing Project, spoke with WESH 2 regarding the recent incident. Black said that during a protest that was being held on Speedway Boulevard Bridge, a white woman in a car ran over his foot. He thinks the woman targeted him not only because she “looked [him] in [his] eyes,” but also because she never stopped to render aid.

Black says it was other people in the crowd that came to his aid and helped him to get to the hospital. Thankfully, his foot was not broken. The source has also confirmed that police have identified the woman who engaged in the hit-and-run accident and are speaking with her regarding the matter.

Unfortunately, Black isn’t the innocent person to suffer injuries during the recent protests that were held in honor of George Floyd. Back at the beginning of June, a woman in Fort Lauderdale, FL suffered a fractured eye socket after a Fort Lauderdale police officer shot her in the face with a foam rubber bullet. The incident occurred while Ratlieff, who is a 34-year-old grant writer for nonprofits, was out protesting police brutality and the killing of George Floyd with a group of approximately 2,000 in downtown Fort Lauderdale on May 31st.

The Miami Herald says protestors were peaceful but had become upset after an officer pushed a kneeling woman on the ground. LaToya Ratlieff attempted to calm protestors down and while in the process of doing so, police released tear gas. The 34-year-old began choking on the tear gas and while being led away from the area, “an officer raised a rifle-barreled launcher and shot a 2.5-inch hard foam projectile at her head about 30 feet away.”

The source cited that Fort Lauderdale police officers are only supposed to aim the projectiles at a person’s face if they intend to use deadly force.

After being shot, several protestors came to Ratlieff’s aid and helped her to get to a hospital. After the incident, Ratlieff hired an attorney to represent her who has expressed that she is considering taking legal action which might include filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and police. Her attorneys also said that she is “primarily seeking reforms from the city and the police department.” The Miami Herald reported that the Fort Lauderdale Police Department has opened an internal affairs investigation into the officer who fired the shot, although no names have been disclosed as of yet.

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